Inspections after hail storm

MAG Roofing offers a full comprehensive roof inspection whether on an as needed basis or as part of a preventative maintenance program.  Roofs are constantly presented with challenges and faced with adversity.  Whether it is due to extreme weather conditions, structural movement, foot traffic, defects, abuse, or lack of maintenance your roof can be negatively affected and result in costly repairs or a premature failure. We recommend at least two inspections to be performed every year; ideally, once in the spring and again in the fall.  We strongly suggest to have your roof inspected after any occurrence where the roof may have incurred damage, such as construction, fire or a serious storm.

We are dedicated to stopping small problems before they become larger ones, maximizing the life of the existing roof systems.  When we visit a commercial or industrial building for a scheduled inspection we look for a broad range of potential problems such as:

  • Open pipe flashing
  • Roof top debris
  • Open field seams
  • Open wall flashing sealant
  • Plugged roof drains
  • Punctures and tears
  • Ponding areas
  • Leaking scuppers
  • Coping issues
  • A/C curb de-lamination
  • Weather & Storm damage

We will closely examine all components of the roofing system and compile a detailed report.  Within this report we will provide core samples, infrared scan, roof assembly data, detailed drawings of data and wind certification requirements along with the inspections to give the building owner an extensive “view” of their roof system.  A detailed pictometry  report via satellite will be ordered for the building for further data of the roof. The report will list any signs of deterioration, drainage problems, wind storm damage and other circumstances.

These reports are a great source of information for valuing a property and setting a budget.  We also have an inspection service that can be used for legal purposes in determining the value of a property where an expert witness and testimony are utilized.

About Mag Roofing

Our founder and owner Mark Magness, started his roofing career working part time loading shingles and tearing off roofs for a multi-family/residential roofing contractor in Houston Texas while still attending high school. He went on to attend University of Texas in Austin, but never left the roofing industry. Mark worked through college as foreman and superintendent for a major commercial roofing contractor, gaining work experience on a variety of commercial, industrial and government projects using a wide range of materials and products. Using his knowledge and this hands-on experience Mark went on to start his own company, MAG Roofing & Construction. Since 1989 he has methodically built his company from a small local one into a multi-state company spanning from the mountainous regions of Colorado to the southern gulf states of Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi & Florida. With regional satellite offices in each area. Mark is actively involved in operations and future business development for all MAG Roofing locations. Mark is very involved in the betterment of the roofing industry. He is a member of The Roof Consultant Institute with a certified designation of Registered Roof Observer (RRO), and member of the National Roofing Contractors Association. He is also very active in NAIOP where he is co-chair of the Golf Committee and is a member of BOMA where he is also an active member of their Golf Committee and the BAC/PAC committee. Mark's motto has always been "underpromise and overdeliver", delivering this makes for a pleased customer. Having satisfied customers is one of the best assets a company can have!