Expect the finest in service when you work with us. We know there are many choices when selecting a Residential or Commercial roofing and construction company.  To make your project go smooth, efficient and without problems, you should choose a roofing and construction contractor who is reliable, dependable, affordable and accessible.  We have built our reputation as a full-service roofing and construction contractor since 1989.


  • We will minimize your inconvenience and down-times during repairs, expansions or construction projects by scheduling hazardous activities during weekends or coordinate with your production cycles to work within your schedules.
  • We conduct a safe work site with FULL Insurance & Bonding coverage.
  • All of our crews participate in safety training and our designs are OSHA compliant.
  • We carry Workers Compensation insurance.  General Liability and Automotive insurance to relieve you of the responsibility of liability.
  • We can also reduce downtime and labor costs by using our trusted network of suppliers offering a full line of equipment and materials to meet the specifications of your project and deliver cost reducing options that will increase productivity and product quality.
  • We provide total turnkey and comprehensive construction services, whether you have an addition or a complex new build.
  • From the initial concept we maintain constant contact with the owner to understand your needs to assure all the features we offer will be beneficial to the owner.

If you’re having issues with window leaks, flashing problems, leaking roof penetrations, adding new A/C units, or are looking to replace an existing roof on your building, we can help! We can bring you 30 years of combined construction and roofing experience and are well qualified in working with difficult problems and resolving them in an efficient and effective manner.  From the initial call, to our on site visit, to the project completion, we are dedicated in providing the best solution with a positive experience for our clients.

We do our due diligence by working hard in providing:  A quality service with personal attention.  We only employ clean, professional and knowledgeable technicians.  We give free no hassle estimates and provide an accurate job timeline with a scope of expectations.  And most importantly…. Follow up, Follow up, Follow up!

  • Our Services include:
    • Pre-Construction, planning assures success.  We will work with you to develop a plan and schedule that will meet your current requirements while focusing on long-term value.
    • Design & Engineering, building value into every project.  With our extensive experience in the roofing and construction industry we can offer cost-saving design and engineering solutions that don’t sacrifice quality or functionality.
    • Construction, no two projects are the same.  To best fit the needs of your project we offer a full range of construction delivery options, including General Construction, Construction Management, and Design Build all delivered with top craftsmanship by our certified welding millwrights and industry-experienced subcontractors.
    • Closeout, assuring the job is completed correctly.  When construction is completed we will conduct a detailed closeout to ensure project requirements have been met, any issues resolved, and all documentation, equipment warranties and instructions have been provided.
    • Maintenance, keeping you operating at peak performance.  Based on your equipment and operations, we will set a program of preventative maintenance to perform all scheduled maintenance and inspections
    • Roofing, we have developed a roof maintenance program that offers all of these standards and more.  Accompanied with our in-house services and our experienced roofing staff your roofing & waterproofing issues will be handled in a timely and professional manner along with maintaining your building to its best possible condition with a solid warranty to back up our work.

By choosing MAG Roofing and Construction you can put your mind at ease.

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