Why choose us?

We know there are many choices when selecting a roofing company for repairs, roof replacement, energy efficient roofing systems or next years budget numbers. To make your project go smooth, efficient and without problems, you should choose a roofing contractor who is reliable, dependable, affordable and accessible.

We realize no two roof systems are alike, and no two businesses are alike.  We adapt our work to specifications and blueprints created by structural engineers and architects. but we often take a consultative role with our customers.  We can help you choose the roof that is right for your project by taking a range of factors into account – such as long-term maintenance costs, building uses, environmental impact and installation ease.

Here are some great reasons to make us your roofing & waterproofing choice.

  • Efficiency – We don’t waste your time or ours! Our experienced work
    crews know how to get the job done right the first time. We are experts
    at scheduling and organizing work to make sure every job runs smoothly.
  • Timely – We establish a project schedule up front and stick to it, so you know
    when your project will start and finish. Our crews arrive on time every day and will work
    diligently throughout the workday.
  • On Budget – When planning for next year’s budget, accuracy and attention to
    detail are two tools we provide in our arsenal. Our quotes offer piece of mind you will not have
    to ask for adds, further inflating cost and concerning owners.
  • Friendly – From our project estimators, office staff and to the crews who are on
    the job site, we enjoy our work and respect our customers.
  • Cleanliness – We always clean up at the end of the day and thoroughly clean the
    job site upon completion.
  • Warranty – We offer one of the strongest warranties in the business. Follow-up is
    our core belief and by evaluating each job upon completion this will insure proper
    checks and balances.


We have built a reputation for quality work and responsiveness to our customer’s
needs through installing, maintaining and repairing commercial and industrial roofing
systems throughout the Houston area. We have specialized expertise in commercial
roofing projects such as: hospitals, retail centers, schools, churches, high rises, mid
rises, multi-family buildings and condominiums.

There are many more reasons to choose MAG Roofing than just our history of
quality results:

  • We offer warranties up to 30 years
  • We are fully insured with $1, 2 & 5 million in coverage
  • We are involved in professional organizations, including (BOMA) Building Owners & Managers Association, (ACOE) Association of Chief Operating Engineers, (HAA) Houston Apartment Association, and the (NRCA) National Roofing Contractors Association
  • Our safety equipment. employee training and safety incentive
    programs keep our people safe and insurance costs under control -
    savings that we pass on to you.

Choose us for any of the reasons above, but more over choose us for the diverse roofing systems we offer. Unlike other companies pushing one type of roofing system we offer a broad spectrum of options. We are not invested in any one roofing system, so you can trust we will give you honest answers about the system which best fits your needs.

We take commercial roofing as serious business. We know the importance of proper installation and how poor quality products and services can create havoc. This is the main issue that drives us to our first line of defense, quality product selection.

By choosing MAG Roofing you can put your mind at ease because we are dedicated beyond comparison to our craft and to our clients, and is reflected in our work. So when it comes to your company’s needs leave it to the roofing experts at MAG Roofing.