Roofing Management & Consulting


Our CEO and President Mark Magness is a firm believer in keeping MAG Roofing open and honest in its practices, offering the highest ethical standards and putting its clients first before all others.” We have developed a roof maintenance program that offers all of these standards and more. Accompanied with our in house services and proven skilled labor force in the field your roofing and waterproofing will be in the best condition with a solid warranty to back up our work.

If you are having problems with window leaks, flashing problems, roof penetrations leaking, adding new A/C units, or are looking to replace an existing roof on your building we can help! Our company has over 30 years of construction and roofing experience working with difficult problems and resolving them in an effective manner. When choosing a Roofing, Waterproofing or Construction Company you can trust, choose MAG Roofing & Waterproofing or MAG Construction on your next project.

About Mag Roofing

Mark started in roofing working part time loading shingles and tearing off roofs for a residential contractor in Houston Texas while still attending high school. He went on to attend University of Texas in Austin, but never left the roofing industry. Mark worked through college as foreman and superintendent for a major commercial roofing contractor, gaining experience working on a variety of commercial, industrial and government projects with a wide range of products. After 11 years, Mark left to found MAG Roofing and since 1994 has methodically built the company from a small local one into a regional force in several mid-western and southern states with regional offices, serving all areas. Mark is actively involved in operations and future business development for all MAG Roofing locations. Mark is very involved in the betterment of the roofing industry. Mark is a member of The Roof Consultant Institute with a certified designation of Registered Roof Observer (RRO), and member of the Houston area Roofing Contractors Association. Mark is also very active in NAIOP Texas where he is Co-Chairing the 2014 Golf Committee and a board member of BOMA Houston where he is an active member of their Golf Committee and the BAC/PAC committee.